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Link Button to specific Form

7/6/2021 7:47:47 AM
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Dalkeith author

Probably an easy one but having done a search on the help files I haven't seemed to identify the correct solution.

In MS Access you could put a button on a page and link to a specfic form and close it afterwards and you could navigate to any form in the application from any other form.

In ASPNet runner that looks like its possible as well but I just haven't figured it out.

Specifically what I am trying to do in ASP.NET runner is I have a list page and I would like to have a button that takes the user to the import "Form" of a related but different table/view from where the button is. Essentially I have a parent / child table and I am on the parent list and I would like to open the child import page and get the import working into the child table and then on close of import be back at the parent table list page. Don't worry about any fancy stuff about inheriting the parent key for the import I'll just ask the user to know the child tables foreign key and get them to include that as a column in the import.

For instance we have batches they make up new batches and I am giving the user the ability to import records into the child table of the batches.

After finishing the import operation I would like them to return back to the page the button were they came from is.

Could someone direct me to the helpfile location or advise

Many thanks

admin 7/6/2021

If your question is how to display another page in a popup window, check this article.

Dalkeith author 7/6/2021

Yes I believe that is what I am looking for.

If I didn't want it to be in a popup would there be something else?

Dalkeith author 7/6/2021

OK I think we can leave it there - I also found that does something that I might find useful in the future.

A follow up question.....
I can see that after import there's a special success page it goes through to a specific page which I don't seem to have access to.

img alt

Is there a designer view for that import success popup?

admin 7/6/2021

This is something that is generated from the code and you cannot change it in the Page Designer.

Dalkeith author 7/6/2021

Many thanks