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Hi All:

question, i am going to submit a proposal to my team and want to use the demo apps that you have set up to show them the capabilities. I have followed the instructions, but after creating the db, moving the files into place and open phpRunner, navigate to the file folder, the tables from the db are not loaded.

I have not worked with PHPrunner in a few years, but, aside from new features, things seem to be the same as it relates to functionality, so I'm not sure what I am missing, which is just trying to connect the db. Could you give me guidance on what to look for to debug this? See attached image.

img alt

HJB 6/11/2021

So, you had been creating a MySQL database and succeeded to implement the directory structures too. Yet, you seem to have missed this:
Use the File Explorer on the unzipped Live-Demo file to find e.g. the file "Livedemo1v104.phpr" within the directory livedemo1v104.
By help of the File Explorer then move your cursor unto the livedemo1v104.phpr project file and double-click on same. If you did the PHPRunner
install right, say, you activated that any .phpr project file is associated with PHPRunner, a double-click on such .phpr project file shall launch
PHPRunner automatically. Now proceed to connections and name your database name you had been creating respectively point to same
with your curode as all available MySQL databases shall be listed once the connect is successful. Usually, for studying and developing
purposes, XAMPP is a useful MySQL hosting tool to run under localhost conditions. The MySQL databases seen inside are not password
protected, so it's enough to enter a user, namely root to get into immediate touch with avalable databases to choose from a list.
If the connect to the database is properly done, you then BUILD the project, say, you run code generation and files transmission into that
very HTDOCS subdirectory you may want to let the generated files flow in to then start the livedemo from there after PHPRunner is closed.