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Cancel Button via Runner.displayPopup()

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jaffleck author

When I open an edit page using a custom button via Runner.displayPopup(), the Cancel button is not displayed. Is there a way to make this happen? If not, how could I replicate the cancel function in a custom button? The proposed Close link in the footer closes all popup windows and returns to the landing page, which is not what I intend.

PHPRunner 10.5 (64bit) Build #37251

AlphaBase 6/10/2021

I had the same problem. I fixed it as follows:

The button that calls the popup has the following code:

Client Before event:

var popup = Runner.displayPopup(
url: "CV_Objects_Move_list.php",
width: 825,
height: 600,
header: 'Move a Project Object Row or Branch',

afterCreate: function(popup) {
window.popup = popup;

var footer = popup.footer();
footer.html("<button type='button' onclick='popup.close();return false;'>Close</button>");

return false;

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jaffleck author 6/10/2021

Many thanks! Works like a charm!