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Quater Hours for Time Sheet

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JoeB7774 author

Is there a way to limit a field so that a user can enter a decimal place but only enter in quarter hours? FOr example, if a user works 7.25 hours, they can enter that. But if they enter 7.33 it tells them that they need to enter something different?

HJB 6/9/2021

Time Picker - Edit and View Plugins

img alt

Customizable options
military time (24h) or am/pm mode
optional seconds
minutes and seconds increment

... for inspiration purposes only ..., rather than to provide the user the ability to enter anything
wrong, a customized to 15 minutes stepping by this plugin would be straight ...

Appointment Time - Live Demo

Luckily, the live demo as per URL above is already customized to only accept 15 minutes increments ...

fhumanes 6/12/2021


It has a large set Plugins set on this page: