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PDF Generation and email - Advise please.

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whiz_kid_uk author


I want to design a pdf file - it will be a certificate, and inject the data from the db into it, and then email it..

Basically, the team I work with will be doing disk shredding in the future, and I want to write a system to log all the details of the disk etc (Two photos as well) and I want to then put these all in a pdf document that will contain the serial number, date time and a few other fields.

I cant see a way that I can do this ?

Thoughts please ?

HJB 6/8/2021

Mailing a PDF under mail-merge conditions

Massmailer would be the most ideal and working time saving PHPRunner template for the described job.

It can be even automated to become a mail robot that way, the e-mail despatch happens under pre-defined
conditions and time intervals (or just by manual e-mail launch), so, once "shredding is done" and a field inside
the PHPRunner tabled structure reads e.g. "Shred done" along with a subsequent SQL query (e.g. "look for
all shreds done by today"), the massmailer template takes over, here to automatically attach the PDF to the
"only mail recipients whose shreds had been done by today" mail and to run the mail session under totally
unmanned terms, or say, without the user's intervention at all.

P.S. "Way to go...", download the 21 days trial version of PHPRunner 10.5, create the fields for data entries
and pictures by help of the easy-to-use built-in tool to do so, further simply check the as well built-in
"Export to PDF" checkbox to get that "DATA into PDF" functionality too and you're done. If later on, some
automatic e-mail despatch would be needed, the massmailer template can do fine.

admin 6/8/2021

You can use PDF API for this purpose. Email the current page as PDF.

whiz_kid_uk author 6/11/2021

Thanks Guys, I will take a look at both options..

HJB 6/11/2021

PHPRunner - Barcode Plugin

... for inspiration purposes only ..., a barcode label on the things intended to be shredded can
avoid mistakes in regard to numbers to be taken into the PHPRunner application, from the
intake into order book til the final time and date of shredding being inserted in the "certificate".

fhumanes 6/12/2021


I have several examples of how to build "pretty" and controlled documents, with PDF format.

For inspiration, read this article.