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Trouble adding images

5/11/2021 2:23:13 PM
ASPRunnerPro General questions
Joe Grosskopf author

I have a SQL 2016 DB with two image fields. One is a image type, the other is binary(Max). Whever I attempt to upload an image to either field it either times out or just sits at saving for upwards to 15 min before I kill the session, I have tried:

1.) Uploading both a .png and a .jpg
2.) Uploading from onedrive and local c drive
3.) Using my IIS DB on a windows 2016 server and the local iis installed with ASP

I don't know what else to test


admin 5/11/2021

Did you have a chance to try my suggestions like using the built-in web server that comes with ASPRunnerPro or Demo Account server?

Joe Grosskopf author 5/11/2021

If you mean when you build and it says "browse" and it uses localhost...then yes, same result. That's why I'm conviced it's not IIS, it's either the ASP code or the sql table

admin 5/11/2021

Did you have a chance to try both of my suggestions? It is important to isolate the issue, right now there are just too many possible reasons for this not to work.

Joe Grosskopf author 5/12/2021
Joe Grosskopf author 5/12/2021

Built in server yes and the page just circles updating for upwards of 15-20 min until i kill it. When using he demo server, I did get an error message:

Request object error 'ASP 0104 : 80004005'

Operation not Allowed

/joe_grosskopf_filamatic_com/Products/include/multipartform.asp, line 10

Hope this helps find the answer

admin 5/12/2021

Thank you.

Please contact support directly supplying the URL of your project on Demo Account and instructions on Demo Account.