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May 8, 2021. PHPRunner, ASPRunner.NET, ASPRunnerPro 10.5 maintenance release

5/8/2021 10:43:31 PM
ASPRunner/PHPRunner change log
Sergey Kornilov

May 8, 2021. PHPRunner, ASPRunner.NET, ASPRunnerPro 10.5 maintenance release
build 37167

  • added support gor Postgres SQL 13;
  • advanced report grids can now handle 'show summary only' option;
  • removed extra icon on the collapsible left bar on mobile devices;
  • Copy layout feature in Designer now works with Menu page;
  • fixed comments font in the Events Editor;
  • fixed crash when importing multilanguage labels from CSV;
  • fixed Demo Account uploading of Time fields with default values;
  • TinyMCE Rich text editor - fixed event handling when using non-keyboard input methods;
  • Autofill now respects regional settings in number fields;
  • fixed JS error in master-details when there were Date or Time fields 'always on search panel';
  • fixed PDF View for Block reports and Advanced grid;
  • fixed date-text field handling in Dialog API;
  • Active Directory login - permissions didn't apply when used username in non-original case;
  • Classic ASP only - fixed Add page with details when there is an After Add event;

Customers who purchased less than twelve months ago can download this update via the control panel.

Customers who purchased more than twelve months ago can renew their maintenance using links below:

PHPRunner maintenance

ASPRunner.NET maintenance

ASPRunnerPro maintenance

The whole list of features in version 10.5:

AlphaBase 5/9/2021

fixed comments font in the Events Editor;

The font appears to be the same = small green. How was it fixed? It would be great if the comments could be a bigger font.

Pete K 5/11/2021

Honestly, the main reason I downloaded this update was to see if "fixed comments font in the Events Editor" meant you finally got rid of tiny Comic Sans and used a nice monospace font like any coding IDE should use. Halleluia! Finally! This has been bugging me ever since I started using ASPRunner. Thanks!

img alt

AlphaBase 5/13/2021

Thanks for the explanation Pete K. I wish I had a screenshot of the old version to compare.

Maybe someday we will get more control over the code editor to allow us to display a larger size font.
Not to mention, that green color for comments isn't very appealing.