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 Change the way event title is displayed

12/15/2020 9:10:37 PM
Calendar Template general questions
leon author

Good day. I use Calendar Template V3 and PHPRunner 10.5 The Calendar Template Frequently Asked Questions ( says; "Proceed to Editor->Custom Files->calendar_custom.php. There will be a function named setTitle(). You can modify that function's code to change the way the title is displayed." However, this file is not available under custom files. I need to add the Description field to the displayed title. Can somebody please advise how to accomplish this?

Also, is there any way to go directly to the Edit page if I click on the event rather than first opening the View page?

admin 12/16/2020

This option is only available in Calendar v4.
Also, in the same v4 there is an option that you can use to direct users to the View or to the Edit page after they click on the calendar entry.

leon author 12/16/2020

Thank you Sergey.