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Chart Details on Dashboard 12/11/2020
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I have created a master-details relationship on a dashboard so that when I click on a chart bar the grid below shows the items associated to that variable. That's working well!
My issue is that when performing a search to limit the data in the chart (show only those items within a time period, for example), the chart updates but when I click on the updated chart bar, the grid below still shows all the items associated to that variable without the specified time period restrictions. Am I missing something in the setup so that the grid reflects only the records that are indicated by the chart bar?
I am using 10.4 application to create the chart/dashboards instead of the WebReports.


admin 12/15/2020

I think it is not designed to handle this kind of scenario. When child records are retrieved search condition is being reset in order to properly retrieve child data for the current parent record.
I'm pretty sure you can handle this task with the help of Search API. You will need to add the latest search condition to the query that retrieves child data.