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Report Group Summary issues 12/4/2020
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Hi all,
I have created a report that is grouping by Location, User and Month of record creation. The report works fine, showing the groupings as specified.
The Group Summary checkboxes don't seem to work properly however. When all are checked, the inner most summary text shows the total for the Location group and the outer most summary text shows the total count of entries for the last month of the user at that location. The middle summary of record count correctly counts the records created by that user for all the specified months for that location. If I make any modifications to the saved report by checking/unchecking any of the Group Summary checkboxes, the middle and outer most summary texts disappear and do not reappear even if I check all the boxes again. I tried in 10.4 and 10.5.
Thanks for any assistance.

Link to screenshot on imgur