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 Passing Multiple Values in setValue()

1/19/2020 2:49:52 PM
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sharizkhan author

Hi All

I need to pass multiple values through setValue() like the following way

ctrlTempField.setValue("Name:",result[0]," ","Shop Name",result[1]," ","Remaining Amount",result[2]);

In a text area output is required the following way
Name: Jon

Shop Name: Jon Workshop

Amount: 10
Record is being assigned to the text control but it is only displaying Name: and nothing else. I need to know how to pass multiple values to setValue()
Please guide me
Thanks for your time

sharizkhan author 1/20/2020

Problem Solved

Well, reply is essential becuase if someone like me lands on this discussion should reach to the solution.
Solution identified is as following
in setValue(variable+variable+variable) should be used for concatenation.
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