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November 5, 2019. PHPRunner, ASPRunner.NET, ASPRunnerPro 10.3 maintenance release

11/5/2019 11:34:57 AM
ASPRunner/PHPRunner change log

October 11, 2019. PHPRunner, ASPRunner.NET, ASPRunnerPro 10.3 maintenance release

build 34039
Customers can download this update via the control panel at
The whole list of features in this release:
[size="4"]Fixed in this update[/size]

  • fixed number of parameters in 'Before Login' event;
  • fixed file upload issues with Inline Edit;
  • fixed 3d pie chart rendering issue with filters;
  • fixed 'Remember me' feature in .NET;
  • added support for MySQL over SSL connection;
  • Security API - added SetAllowedPages function;
  • updated Column by Device feature, made it compatible with 'Allow hiding fileds on the List page' feature.
  • added support for borders, paddings and cell heights in PDF;
  • Print selected didn't work with complex table keys;
  • fixed web site URL in the emails sent after registration, password reminders etc;
  • show/hide fields didn't work with field names with spaces;
  • 'truncate long text' checkbox added to HTML fields;
  • added GIF, BMP and other image formats support to PDF;
  • fixed security vulnerability. When using Active Directory + Automatic login + Dynamic permissions, domain username & password entered in PHPRunner/ASPRunner.NET could be exposed on the web page.

    It happened when the login name was being changed in the Active Directory while the user was still logged in under the old name.
  • fixed Exit admin area link not being added to some admin pages;
  • 'Logged as' button didn't show up with Active Directory + Login automatically.
  • removed confusing Proceed to Login page button from the Register page when user activation is required.