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March 28, 2018. PHPRunner 10 beta version is here

3/28/2018 1:21:43 PM
ASPRunner/PHPRunner change log

March 28, 2018. PHPRunner 10 beta is here

build 30368
We will be updating it fairly often. Make sure you subscribe to this change log via email or RSS to get notified every time new build is posted.
Download link:
[size="4"]Beta version limitations[/size]

  • PHPRunner only. We working on ASPRunner.NET and ASPRunnerPro as we speak.

  • New projects only. Create a blank new project, do not use a template like Cars, Jobs etc. Add some tables and see what kind of changes you can make in Page Designer. Existing projects will open and build but will not be functional in generated apps.

  • Master-details won't work in generated applications yet.

  • Do not use any security features for now.
    [size="4"]Changes in the wizard[/size]

  • Style Editor page is gone. You can now choose scheme and edit Custom CSS on Visual Editor screen.

  • 'Fields order and totals' screen is gone. Now you can change fields order and add totals on Page Designer screen as well as add sections and tabs.

[size="4"]Page Designer[/size]
This is where you modify visual appearance of all pages in your app. Drag-n-drop everything, insert buttons, code snippets, fields, tabs, sections etc.
[size="4"]Visual Editor screen functionality[/size]
We are keeping Visual Editor for now but it's functionality is limited to the following:

  • you can change 'View as' and 'Edit as' settings of any field there.
  • existing projects - Visual and HTML mode available. Visual mode is for compatibility purposes only.
  • new projects - you can use HTML mode only. Most of editing should be happening in Page Designer anyway but if you ever need to modify HTML code directly you still can do that in HTML mode in Visual Editor.
  • change Bootstrap themes and edit Custom CSS here. Choose between regular and condensed themes. Previously lots of people mentioned they are delaying their switch to Bootstrap because Bootstrap layouts require a lot of screen space. To address this we added an option to choose regular or small font size, margins etc. You will need to build your project and open a generated app to see how it looks.