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From and To Hours Not Showing

11/9/2015 2:48:30 PM
Calendar Template general questions
blalor author

I've just purchased the calendar template and am working through my first deployment of it. I'm finding that the Add page is functioning differently depending upon where I select it from.
If I choose add from a Week View, the From & To field drop-downs correctly show the times in the increment set in the global settings. However, if I choose Add from any other view (monthly, day) then the From and To drop-downs show "30" (the increment set in global settings).
I've looked at the configurations for all these pages and cannot spot any differences. I have not modified any of the forms, this is how the template came.
Any ideas?

admin 11/10/2015

I would suggest posting your project to Demo Account and contacting support team directly.

Sergej 11/17/2015

I think i had the same issue - try deleting and then re adding monthly, weekly dayly add and edit page code snippets
try only on one page and see if it helps