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Display more info in month-view.

10/29/2015 7:58:17 AM
Calendar Template general questions
Lund author

I made a bookingsystem with PHPRunner 8.1 and the calendar template. I use the month-view calendar and it is getting data from a table called "booking". Right now an entry is shown this way "Time" - "Title". I would like to add one more info and get this result "Time" - "Title" - "Name". Is this possible?
I have one more question. Is it possible to add a "go to" button in the month-view. When click on an entry in the month-view, a pop-up box with a little info is showing. I want to add a "go to" button with a shortcut to the edit page for the entry. - Is it possible?
Have a nice day.
Lund - Denmark.

Sergej 11/3/2015

Dear Lund,

see this topic maybe it can help you...