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http://localhost:8085/login.php and http://localhost:8086/login.php port Issue

10/27/2015 10:26:55 PM
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carrie3800332 author

Colleagues to help me modify the program after

I keyin Username and Password Have no effect after I login

Unable to sign in
But with the program before I can sign in before unmodified

check find Colleagues is

Mine is

What is the reason?

What should I do?


admin 10/28/2015

I don't quite sure understand what exactly is the issue here but here is how built-in web server works

  1. It picks a random port every time it starts
  2. It will only work from the local machine. Your colleagues won't be able to connect from other computers.

carrie3800332 author 10/28/2015

colleagues program get my computer localhost run

But can not be used my computer localhost login

I executed before the modification program, no problem

check find Colleagues program run is

program run is

I found that the implementation port is not the same

admin 10/28/2015

Do you understand what "random port" means?

carrie3800332 author 10/28/2015

random port probably know

But I do not know

Why is the program in my computer localhost run can not login?