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can the cart do this?

2/9/2014 4:57:16 PM
Shopping Cart Template general questions
wfcentral author

I have a client that wants me to build a three part system for him.

  1. products are displayed on his site - no prices, no ability to purchase... just so people can see what he has.
  2. someone calls him to place an order and he can create the order in the system. He negotiates special prices on certain products so maybe he gives them $20 off for item A and no discount for item B. He has dealers who call and get wholesale price... all other orders get retail price.
  3. He wanted me to make a log in for distributors so they can build their own order with their own discount. Each distributor gets a % discount on the entire order (anywhere from 0-20%).
    None of these steps require payment to be made online. So, I don't need any payment processing.
    I had started building this as a custom phprunner project, I'm just wondering if the cart might save time.
    So, basically I'm looking at one of two solutions...
    A. I build my own cart features into my custom product as best I can.
    B. I start with the cart template and try to add in all the things I need (such as wholesale / retail pricing) while also trying to KILL any features I do not want. Such as online payment, etc.