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October 10, 2013. PHPRunner 7.0/ASPRunnerPro 8.0 released

10/10/2013 2:52:25 PM
ASPRunner/PHPRunner change log

October 10, 2013. PHPRunner 7.0/ASPRunnerPro 8.0 released, build 18343
The whole list of features in this release:
Purchase links:


We have already sent new registration keys to all customers purchased PHPRunner or ASPRunnerPro less than one year ago. If you haven't received your new key contact support directly with your order number at
All customers purchased more than one year ago can upgrade to the latest version at


Trial version download links:
Other news:

  • Known limitations in this update

    Built-in templates (Cars, Jobs, Vacations) in ASPRunnerPro do not work yet. Update is expected next week.
  • Templates pack (Calendar, Members and Shopping Cart)

    Templates pack and Survey/Quiz/Invoice templates - not updated yet. Update is expected next week.
  • Mobile template

    Mobile template was updated. To use Mobile template with PHPRunner 7.0 or ASPRunnerPro 8.0 download the following:

    Username and password can be found in Mobile template registration email. Contact support directly with your Mobile template order number if you do not have one.
  • Edit/View plugins will work the same way with new update. No need to re-download or re-install anything.
  • ASPRunner.NET will be updated soon. We are working on ASPRunner.NET 7.0 which will be compatible feature-wise with PHPRunner 7.0 and ASPRunnerPro 8.0. We hope to make this update available in about a month.