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 "your Session Has Expired. Please Login Again." Error On Internet Explorer

2/12/2013 10:31:49 AM
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tabarin author

I have read numerous posts from users who have posted similar problems on "Your session has expired. Please login again." . So far I have not had any luck on any related to the Internet Explorer (IE) web browser.
All my applications have been implemented using pHpRunner 6.2, but all my users cannot login using IE. On trying to login the error message "Your session has expired. Please login again." is posted. Interestingly, using other web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc does not present similar problems. If this was specific to pHpRunner 6.2 my bet is that the problem would have cut across all web browsers, and neither could it be a server side problem as the same argument could apply.
Anyone out there who came across a similar problem that is IE specific and managed to crack it?

admin 2/12/2013

If you are able to reproduce it - check security settings in IE. Cookies must be enabled to make security work.