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March 27, 2012. PHPRunner 6.1/ASPRunnerPro 7.1 beta

3/27/2012 4:01:33 PM
ASPRunner/PHPRunner change log

This beta is available to existing customers only. We have sent a separate newsletter with download links. If you haven't received the newsletter contact us at'> sending your order number.
[size="3"]Upgrade info[/size]
Customers who purchased PHPRunner or ASPRunnerPro less than one year ago will get PHPrunner 6.1 and ASPRunnerPro 7.1 as a free upgrade. We'll be sending new registration keys later today. If you do not receive your key by the end of the day feel free contact us at'> sending your order number.
You can also purchase a new copy of PHPRunner or ASPRunnerPro.
New customers

Buy now links:
Upgrading customers

If you purchased ASPRunnerPro or PHPRunner more than one year ago proceed to

Consider upgrading to Enterprise Edition that comes with Active Directory support and built-in data encryption.
[size="3"]This update adds two new features:[/size]
1. Scrollable grids on the list page
To turn on this feature proceed to 'Choose pages' screen, click '...' button next to 'List page' and check off 'Scroll table data' check box.
Live demo:
Please note this is an experimental feature and may not work in some configurations.
2. Option to insert a button into the grid and get access to grid data.
Check this live demo:
Here is the ClientBefore code that powers 'Do it' button:

var val1 = rowData.fields['Amount'].text();

var val2 = rowData.fields['Deposit'].text();

alert('Amount: ' + val1 + ', Deposit: ' + val2);

[size="3"]Other updates[/size]
We have also posted Survey template and Templates pack for ASPRunnerPro 7.1 and PHPRunner 6.1
Templates pack for ASPRunnerPro 7.1:
Templates pack for PHPRunner 6.1:
Survey template for ASPRunnerPro 7.1:
Survey template for PHPRunner 6.1:
[size="3"]List of all new features in PHPRunner 6.1/ASPRunnerPro 7.1:[/size]
Watch What's new in PHPRunner6.1/ASPRunnerPro7.1 video.

  1. Different field settings on Edit/Add/Search/View/List pages
  2. Data encryption (Enterprise Edition feature)
  3. Active Directory support (Enterprise Edition feature)
  4. Style Edittor update: customize tabbed panels, new styles and color schemes
  5. Lookup wizard enhancements:
    • use Custom View as a source of Lookup wizard
    • Advanced Security settings are applied to Lookup wizard (View own data only etc)

  6. Facebook connect integration (Login via Facebook)
  7. Masked Edit ('Edit as' control property)
  8. Switch to Google Maps v3 API
  9. A number of updates related to SQL/PHP/Javascript API. That will be a separate post describing all new programming related enhancements.
  10. An option to create a copy of existing custom views, reports and charts