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March 2, 2012. PHPRunner 6.1/ASPRunnerPro 7.1 beta

3/2/2012 11:58:03 AM
ASPRunner/PHPRunner change log

This beta is available to existing customers only. We have sent a separate newsletter with download links. If you haven't received the newsletter contact us at sending your order number.
Watch What's new in PHPRunner6.1/ASPRunnerPro7.1 video.
List of new features in this release:

  1. Different field settings on Edit/Add/Search/View/List pages
  2. Data encryption (Enterprise Edition feature)
  3. Active Directory support (Enterprise Edition feature)
  4. Style Edittor update: customize tabbed panels, new styles and color schemes
  5. Lookup wizard enhancements:
    • use Custom View as a source of Lookup wizard
    • Advanced Security settings are applied to Lookup wizard (View own data only etc)

  6. Facebook connect integration (Login via Facebook)
  7. Masked Edit ('Edit as' control property)
  8. Switch to Google Maps v3 API
  9. A number of updates related to SQL/PHP/Javascript API. That will be a separate post describing all new programming related enhancements.
  10. An option to create a copy of existing custom views, reports and charts