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Error on shopinventory_list.asp

5/20/2010 8:38:19 AM
Shopping Cart Template general questions
toythunder author


I am using the shopping cart template and the shopping cart admin template. The admin section works perfectly but I am havin a problem with the shopinventory_list page of the shopping cart site. When I click on the link to it it puts up the following error

select Item, Item_description, Extended_description, Picture, th_picture, Category_id, Available_from, Available_to, Istatus, Weight, Freight_amt, Vendor_id, Vendor_item_id, List_price, Price1_qty, Price1, Price2_qty, Price2, Price3_qty, Price3, Item_cost, Taxable, On_hand_qty, openorder_qty, On_hand_qty-openorder_qty AS available, Update_by, Update_date FROM shopinventory where Istatus = 'A'

I have not made any changes so far to the shopinventory table and when I run the code above in a query browser it returns successfully. Do you know how to fix this issue?



Jane 7/6/2010

It's difficult to tell you what's happening without seeing actual files.
Please publish your project on Demo Account and open a ticket at sending a URL to your pages along with instructions on reproducing this error.