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Shopping Cart Emails

2/23/2010 12:30:23 AM
Shopping Cart Template general questions
richbothe author

When registering a new user account for placing an order in shopping cart the user receives an email. Where or how do I change the email address that this email is being sent from?


admin 2/23/2010

you can set FROM email address under Security->User Login settings in ASPRunnerPro/PHPRunner.

richbothe author 2/23/2010

Hmm.. still not working. Here is what I have set in Security->User Login Settings:
Code Generation Settings:

'Send email to admin' is checked.

'Admin email' is set to desired email address, which is the address I (as the admin) receive an email indicating that a new user has registered. This email is being sent for the correct address as set in the "From email address" field under Email Settings.
Email Settings:

'User email field' is set to "User_email".

'From email address' is set to desired email address. When I (as the user) receive the registration email it shows as being sent from the default web server email address and not the address I set here.
An I setting this correctly?

admin 2/23/2010

You doing it right.
I recommend to post your project to Demo Account and open a ticket at sending your DEmo Account URL. Need to take a look at the code in order to resolve it.