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Posted 14 March 2018 - 06:08 PM


This is an update to earlier post regarding conversion from asp to asp.NET w/BootStrap even...

Sergey seriously recommends converting over to asp.NET from ASP and using BOOTSTRAP templates...

Took the challenge and after several months of have come to appreciate Sergey's insights.

One of the big challenges we had was that we have pages with 20 + columns per page for data entry

Initial Bootstrap attempts where not going to work, i.e. standard bootstrap templates are HUGE / way to big for that many columns

so... dived into the bootstrap...

went to and started hacking away...

we used a standard template blue short to start with

took a while, but we we now have what we call a "Blueshortblue" Bootstrap template that more than meets our needs...

below snap shot of one of our data input intensive screens with 20 + columns with plenty of room to spare...

Detailed instructions provided by Sergey on what we did are provided below

in order to create a a Bootstrap scheme that works better with large amount of fields.

The is a website that can help you create a scheme like this:

They have a live preview that does help, though it will take some time ( yepper, took us about 2 weeks to get things figured out and the template generated that we wanted... ) to figure out how to
work this and what parameter is responsible for what. You may want to change font sizes, margin, control (components) heights etc.

Once you done with this download bootstrap.min.css (it will download as theme.min.css) and
variables.less file. First one is to use in ASPRunner.NET, second one is a sort of your project file,
you can import it into editor and work on it later.

Rename theme.min.css to bootstrap-theme.min.css. Proceed to C:\Program Files (x86)\ASPRunnerNET9.8\styles\bootstrap.
Create a copy of the folder where your favorite scheme is stored. Replace bootstrap-theme.min.css with the one you created.
Run ASPRunner.NET, build your app and see how it works.

here is snap shot of dos directory under ASP Runner / styles / bootstrap that we created...

here is snap shot of bootstrap theme in styles...

We also found that we end up modifying a lot of the bootstrap gen'd html from 12 to 6 or from 12 to 24 etc.. etc.. for specific pages...

all in all, worth the effort because, here are the benefits right from Sergey himself

1) ASP is not support by Microsoft any longer ( aka read at some point it's going away

2) .NET c# is current language will be around a while

3) boot strap is way to go ( amen to that ) once you get a template, sooooo... much easier and stable to work with

4) SPEED... SPEED... and more SPEED !!!! ( major reason we converted... ) ASP load times were very very slow.. .NET much faster once loaded compared to ASP

if you are debating whether to take the plunge into .NET w/ bootstrap... DO IT.. you won't regret it...

Big Timber MT, USA

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Posted 15 March 2018 - 12:44 PM

Thanks for documenting all this. I have been thinking of delving into Bootstrap customization for an upcoming project. This should help.

Pete K.
Web Developer
Fayette County Public Schools | Lexington, Kentucky, USA

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Posted 17 March 2018 - 01:04 PM

Very nice thank you for posting

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Posted 17 March 2018 - 01:17 PM

Not quite on the same level but it can be nice to run web pages as applications in Chrome. This improves display and improves the display of icons in the taskbar.

Gets rid of the wasted space that is bookmarks and the url bar and is nice for users that regularly access an application from a desktop computer.

Use Chrome in Application Mode

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