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Project settings More option on project, table settings

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Posted 02 November 2017 - 04:22 PM

I am using PHPRunner for a while and these are some of suggestion I would like to propose and it does not mean that is justifiably for you...

1.Import/Export table Pages from one project to another. In every system you have the tables that you need in more projects - for exm. customer, products...
It would be nice to make one time everything and then it could be used in any project easily without need to import whole project or everytime ajust fields, view,code for same table...
2.Option to Load just tables in project and not all in databases - because loading and sychronization become slow as my database contains a large number of tables(fields) and other objects.
It's very huge ERP SQL db and it would be great if we could have some settings to apply. For template databases - it is not important -these are small samples
3. UI for add/edit Language. To have base english version - similar to label editor for tables and fields caption, the same to have for system messages
4. To have option when start PHPrunner to check if there is new version(patch...) and option to download and install
5. Connection source Web service(RESR API)
6. In Bootstarap Pagination to have in header too, not just in footer, or to choose what we want to be displayed
7. Click action on list Page> Option: (availble another pages from that table) but I would like to be all tables in options like this?
Just example - List page of Customer(Field CustomerName)
a. Open table (Order)
b. page (list, add,edit,print, details) - Add page(List page)
c. parametar(one or more) - CustomerID

This action should open New order page(or List page -all orders for that Customer ) from List page of Customers filled with CustomerID and in that way we could easily (logily)connect more tables(pages)

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